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Hong Kong Mission Trip

The Lutheran Church of Hong Kong operates three Junior/Senior schools. The teams from Faith Lutheran have worked at Ma Chong Dueng Hey Memorial College (really a high school). The goals are twofold:  1) to share Jesus with students and 2) to help them with conversational English. The group interacts and participates in classes that range from PE and Home Economics to Bible Knowledge.  Interactions occur and relationships and friendships form.  The Lord provides many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus, and the life He came to give.  The Lutheran Church of Hong Kong is asking us for 200 teams a year.  This is a mission that connects the teams with the students and families to share the love from Jesus to us.

2016 Mission Trip

The 2016 Mission Trip is tentatively scheduled for January 27-February 2, 2016!  No special training is needed – just a desire to share Jesus’ love.  If you are interested in going or have any questions, please speak to Nick or Annette Hill (224-0884) or Pastor Baumann (220-1908); you may also contact the trip coordinator, Krista Erickson of Sioux Falls (605-366-4372).  The cost of the trip will be about the same as in past years – around $1800 per person (approximately $1200 airfare and $600 in-country fee, which covers lodging at the school and most other expenses, including meals and transportation while in Hong Kong).

This mission team will again be serving at MCDH, where most of the students and many of the teachers are not Christians even though it is foundationally a Christian institution. This trip is a wonderful opportunity for us to let these kids (and teachers) know how valuable they are to God, and to tell them how Jesus can give them real and lasting hope.  Please prayerfully consider how you can support this ongoing mission effort!

2015 Mission Trip
Linda Weischedel will be joining a South Dakota Mission team in a Mission Trip January 28-February 8. We wish God’s blessing upon Linda and this South Dakota Hong Kong mission team. Krista Erickson of Sioux Falls and Pastor Curtis Garland of Wall will be leading the team.

2014 Mission Trip
Hong Kong, known as the Pearl of the Orient, is located on China’s southern coast and covers 426 square miles, an area which is about a quarter of the size of the state of Rhode Island.  Of the 7.2 million people who live there, 95 percent of Hong Kong’s residents are ethnic Chinese whose main religious beliefs include predominately: Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism with a mix of folk religious practices, and ancestor veneration.  On February 19th, a team of four from Faith: Pastor Baumann, Bob Green, Nick Hill, and Nick’s son Ethan Hill, will leave to journey to Hong Kong to serve as a short-term mission team and will return to the United State on March 2nd.   A second team from South Dakota and Wisconsin will be going to Hong Kong in April.  That team will be considerably larger, perhaps in the neighborhood of 20-25 individuals.  We praise God for the possibility of being able to send Toni Kenefick-Aschoff from our congregation as a mission team member with the April Hong Kong group as she has expressed great interest in being able to go back to Hong Kong for a second time.  Your continued support for her participation in going back is such a blessing and so very appreciated.  

His leading and direction with our congregation and district involvement in short-term mission teams overseas, especially to Hong Kong.  Currently, our February team has secured their plane tickets with flights out of Pierre, Denver, and San Francisco which we praise God for.  The plane tickets are a major cost of the trip (about $1400), with costs still remaining for in-country fees of about $500 a person.  Nick Hill is also working to compose a printed keepsake to give to the Hong Kong students in the form of a “love letter from God” on nicely printed paper which they will be able to have as their own.  To help defray some of those fees our team still has, we will be hosting a free-will oatmeal breakfast on January 5th which we hope to have you be a part of.  It is exciting to think about the new connections God will give us and the opportunities to let Jesus shine through our actions and words. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and generosity.  We are truly blessed to be a blessing!
Pastor Baumann and the Hong Kong Mission Team   

2013 Mission Trip
Our fourth team of mercy and witness will be leaving for Hong Kong January 23, 2013 and returning February 3, 2013.  Please remember in your prayers those 3 individuals from our congregation who are on this mission trip.  They are: Ken Brull, Annette Hill, and Crystal Ortbahn, as well as a group of 26 others from the South Dakota District.  We thank God for them and for their servant hearts. 

2012 Mission Trip

During the days of February 16-26, 2012, our third team of mercy and witness were led to Hong Kong. The group consisted of:
  • Ken Brull
  • Toni, Haven & Burkelee Kennefick-Aschoff
  • Josh Ramquist
  • Jeff & Garret Tronvold
  • Samuel Ryckman
  • Nick & Nathaniel Hill
  • Pastor Curtis Garland of Wall, SD  (not pictured above)
Go to the Gallery to see pictures from the mission trip.

A trip to Hong Kong, it imparts those participating, it impacts the world for Christ. Hong Kong, Rosebud, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, its all a part of the Global Village we live in.
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