Living Last Supper

A LIVING LAST SUPPER On Palm Sunday evening, March 24, at 6:30, the congregation and community gathered to attend a dramatic musical experience presented by Faith Choir and the Board of Elders. Known as The Living Last Supper, it was a living reenactment of the famous painting by Leonardo DaVinci. On this night we reflected upon and remembered the events of long ago in the upper room, where Jesus gathered with his closest companions. This is where Jesus ate one final meal with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion, and was betrayed by one of his own. The story presented was a story of the Twelve, pieced together from Scripture, from history, and from the tradition that has been handed down from the beginning of the church. We heard from each of the disciples and listened to the story from their perspective. The speaking parts were meant to allow us to hear the inner thoughts of each man. The choir offered several inspirational anthems that allowed all to ponder upon our own relationship with Christ. Following the presentation, there was opportunity for gathering and light refreshments.

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