Pastor Urbach Honored

Pastor Brad Urbach led the House of Representatives in prayer on March 31, the final day of the 2014 South Dakota Legislative Session. The House then surprised Pastor Urbach by honoring him for 39 years of faithful service as a chaplain to the South Dakota Legislature. Rep. Tim Rounds offered remarks of thanks, then presented a plaque to Pastor Urbach. The plaque is adorned with an egg, a nod to Pastor Urbach”s extensive collection of eggs from all over the world. Representatives Mary Duvall and Tim Rounds, both of Pierre, planned the recognition, and took a moment at the conclusion of the day to thank Pastor Urbach for nearly four decades of service to the Legislature.

Speaker of the House Brian Gosch of Rapid City chats with Pastor Urbach at the Speaker
Speaker of the House Brian Gosch opens the Session and introduces Pastor Urbach
Pastor Urbach invites those gathered to bow their heads in prayer
Rep. Tim Rounds explains that Pastor Urbach has been serving the State Legislature for 39 years
Rep. Mary Duvall, Pastor Urbach, and Rep. Tim Rounds
Legislators and lobbyists - including Rep. Charlie Hoffman of Eureka - congratulate and than Pastor Urbach
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