Memorial Garden

The Urbach Family Memorial Garden is a beautiful little garden which welcomes visitors on the Grand Avenue side of Faith Lutheran Church. See pictures in the event gallery.

The garden was established in 2009 as a gift from the congregation to Pastor Brad Urbach during a celebration held in recognition of his 35 years of service to Faith Lutheran, and in honor of his 65th birthday.

It contains a short stone path which curves from the sidewalk to an inviting sitting area where you may sit and read a devotional, chat with a friend, or simply sit in contemplation.

The garden was designed and installed by Faith member Steve Bontje, of East Pierre Garden Center. While it is named in honor of the Urbach family, the Memorial Garden provides an opportunity for all members of Faith to honor their loved ones. It has been designed to allow for the placement of engraved flat stones in a rocked area below the short retaining wall.

How to honor a loved one on a stone in the Urbach Family Memorial Garden

    Placing a name on a stone: To have a name included on one of the stones in the Memorial Garden, simply pick up a form at the church office, fill it out and return it to the office. There is a small fee, which covers the cost of the stone and the engraving, and also assists with ongoing maintenance of the stones and garden.

Cost: There are two options:

    1. Name of deceased person - The cost is $35 per name to have the name of a deceased loved one added to a stone in the garden.

    2. Reserving space for a name to be added in the future - For people who would like to reserve space on a stone for another name to be added in the future, the cost is $50 per name. This is a convenient way for family members to make sure their names are on the same stone.

    Filling out the form: It is vital to make sure you print legibly, and that you have spelled the name correctly, as the form will be the basis for the spelling of the name on the stone. Additional written information or memories provided will be maintained at the church with the form.

    Who may be included: As space in the garden is limited, people listed on the memorial stones must either have been a member of Faith Lutheran, or be a family member of a Faith Lutheran member.

    Names per stone: Each stone will contain 8 to 10 names, with one name per line. You may order as many or as few names as you choose.

    Engraving: A committee handles purchasing and engraving of the stones.

    Acknowledgment: Names engraved on stones in the Memorial Garden will be acknowledged on All Saints Sunday.

Answers to questions:
Q. When I request a name on a memorial stone, how long will it take for the stone to actually be placed in the Memorial Garden?
A: The amount of time it takes for a stone to be engraved after you make your request will vary, as each stone will contain 8 to 10 names, and all names will be engraved on a stone at one time.

Q. Does the garden need additional plants, benches, or statuary?
A: Not at this time. An angel fountain which was placed in the garden in memory of Andrea Urbach - who collected angels - completed the garden.

Q. Do I need to provide a rock if I would like a name listed in the Memorial Garden?
A: No, the Urbach Family Memorial Garden Committee will handle the purchasing and engraving of stones.

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