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Bible studies give us the opportunity to study God’s Word together and grow deeper in our knowledge of God’s love for us.  This equips us to share His Word and love with our co-workers, neighbors, friends, and people in the grocery store.

The key to faith is hearing God's Word. As iron sharpens iron, the Word of God will sharpen our faith and the ability to defend our faith against the many attacks in society today.

As a congregation, we affirm to build up one another in fellowship and encourage one another to stay true to the Word of God.

Will you please join us? For more info, call 224-2216.

Our Bible Study opportunities are listed below.


Adults – A Study of Revelation – Revelation provides great comfort to Christians, but some of the message can get entangled in vivid descriptions and imagery. Pastor Cory will discuss the various promises contained in Revelation and help to decode the comfort in those passages. Sundays at 9:45AM

Adults – What do Lutherans Believe? – Different traditions of Christianity interpret God’s Word in various ways. Pastor Sam will investigate major topics, including baptism, the Church, free will, and others and provide an understanding of the Lutheran perspective. Sundays at 9:45AM

High School students – Julie Kongslein and Carolyn Ryckman will investigate how to see our daily events through a Christian view. Come and discuss how your daily decisions are based on God’s Word.

Adults – Beatitudes. Marvin Schweigert will lead a study on focusing on the Beatitudes of Jesus. These words describe how we are blessed as Christians, even in situations that seem terrible. The study starts on Sept 13. It takes place on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:00PM in the Living Room at church.


Men – Men’s Fellowship – The men of the congregation are invited to a time of fellowship and games on the first Monday of the month at the church. They begin with a devotion and then enjoy food and conversation with an activity (often dartball or bean bags). For any questions please contact John Barber, 220-2660.


Women – Led by Karen Lindbloom, various studies at 10:00 AM Tuesdays.   


Adults – Beautiful Feet (LifeLight Study)  – We are living in difficult times....pandemic, riots, lost jobs, lost businesses, lack of patriotism, hurricanes, fires, many trials and so much darkness fills the news and burdens our every day lives. Every need in the world is an open door to share the Gospel and God's love. The news of the Gospel is wonderful, beautiful even. Come to the "Beautiful Feet" Bible study to learn how to GET, GROW, GLOW, and GO. We are incorporating the LifeLight Bible study series. The goal of LifeLight is that through a regular program of in-depth personal and group study of Scripture, more and more Christians may grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ. Join this study to equip yourself and be a light in a dark world. We hope to see you Wednesday nights 6:00 - 7:00 at the church. Led by Dennis and Carolyn Ryckman.

Middle school students – We don’t have a name for this new group! All middle school students can participate in a game or activity, similar to the high school group. This is a great time to exercise our bodies before we fill our minds with God. Wednesdays at 5:30PM, right before Midweek.

High School students – Lutheran Youth Fellowship (LYF). High school students gather for a game or activity, like sardines, kickball, or Pictionary. We also learn about how God interacts with us in our daily lives. Wednesdays at 8:00PM

Bible Studies

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